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Sep 26, 2012 2:30pm PDT
generally destabilize markets. because of that, the german cabinet has agreed on draft laws aimed at ending the practice. >> once again, chancellor angela merkel's conservative government is pushing for financial regulation. the draft legislation agreed to by the german cabinet would contain potential market instability caused by high- frequency trading. that is when computers buy and sell millions of euros of securities within seconds. the proposed rules would clamp down on a rapid, dramatic fluctuations in the market in several ways. >> registration requirements for high-frequency traders, transparency that would allow regulators to recognize abuses faster, the ability four market regulators to suspend trading if there are recognizable aberrations. >> members of the opposition say the draft legislation does not go far enough. they want a limit on how fast traders can resell securities, but berlin argues that sort of regulation could threaten the livelihood of the market. >> traders in frankfurt welcomed the potential ban on high- frequency trading. our markets correspondent has more from
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
regular labor laws don't apply to them. >> all the member states need to follow the international conventions including those related to human rights. >> the authorities only intervene when an employer does something criminal. but first, the woman has to file charges, and most are too afraid to do that. analyn is waiting for her case to go to trial. she's recovered some of her optimism during her stay at the shelter. >> i'd like to go home. maybe there i can manage to open a small shop. >> ♪ open your hearts to the lord and begin to see the mystery that we are all together as a family ♪ >> analyn took control of her life so she has hope. but that's not the case for many other domestic workers in singapore. >> while the legal right to a day off would be an important first step, only time will tell whether employers will fulfill their obligations. and now we take you to a very special global living room in northern tanzania. there we visit korio and his family who belong to the massai, a group of semi nomadic people who live both sides of the border with kenya. in the village of
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
? >> the nra is designed to be independent from the government, a stage that's defined by law. its members were appointed by the prime minister. also, some members include a former ambassador to the united nations and a seismologist as well as experts in the field of nuclear energy and radiation. >> will this be enough to guarantee the nra's independence? >> not really. the nra is now under the umbrella of the environment ministry. this means politicians and bureaucrats will still have influence because they control the agency's budget. and that issue is a composition of the nra's task. more than 80% of its employees come from previous regulatory bodies. to prevent conflicts of interest, the government says nra employees will be prohibited from moving or returning to the ministry of industry. the government unit that promoted nuclear energy that critics are already finding loopholes in this. >> what challenges will the nra be facing over the coming months? >> there's a long list. without doubt, the most important and immediate challenge is redefining nuclear safety regulations. new
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
accordance with international law. nhk world's jun oikawa reports from new york. >> reporter: gemba is in new york with prime minister noda to attend the u.n. assembly. gemba delivered his speech at the-up on monday. >> there are so many causes of tensions related to national territories. we must strive to find ways to solve these issues peacefully based on the rule of law. >> reporter: gemba's comments come amid heightened tensions over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan is also involved in a territorial dispute with south korea over the takeshima islands in the sea of japan. in his speech, gemba made reference to the role of the international code of justice. his comment appeared to concern regional settlement over takeshima. >> i would like to reiterate today the importance of international courts as a means to settle international disputes peacefully in accordance with law. >> reporter: the foreign minister said japan recognizes the compulsory jurisdiction of the court. this means japan will appear before the court if another country files an appeal. other countrie
Oct 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
expect improvements and laws so that children will be happy. i don't know how he will behave and what he will do for the people, but i see the people are hopeful. >> we expect things to get better. expect new things. the whole population is in a good mood. people meet each other and kiss each other. >> he swept to power in 2004 but faces accusations of but the rates vary and rule. his party will no longer control parliament. >> it is clear that george and dreamliner it has secured a majority. this means they will form the next government and i come as the president, with the framework of the constitution will assist the process. >> the georgian dream alliance is led by billionaire tycoon, bidzina ivanishvili. he campaigned on a pro-moscow ticket but wants to move closer to the european union as well. he says his coalition deserves to win. >> we made the best choices and collected the best coalition. the result is no coincidence. >> a new law that takes effect next year will transfer some powers from the president to the prime minister. >> let's go live now to georgia -- to our reporter w
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am PDT
has been an increase in the budgets of the law enforcement agencies, particularly in the sea. the people in china will expect them to be more assertive. particularly regarding issues of sovereignty. >> he said people on both sides have to understand the complexity of their ties. >> everyone should pay more attention to this situation and try to strengthen the resilience in the relationship and weaken the fragility. i think the 40-year process taught us this. >> japanese retailers were some of the hardest hit from the recent demonstrations in china. it may be a while before it is business as usual. we have more from biz. >> we watch the video writers and they left some businesses trashed by the looting and fires that were set. we are starting to hear how substantial the damage is to japanese companies. the president of the department store chain said that losses from the disturbances will be about $6.4 million. his three outlets in china's province were attacked in the anti-japan demonstrations. they do remain closed. the president said it at a news conference that the loss to busi
Sep 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
this year's general assembly is the rule of law. noda thought he could check recent moves by china and south korea without naming them as long as his remarks were in line with that theme. he assumed his comments would be understood as an attempt to solve these problems peacefully. the japanese government is developing alliances with the philippines, vietnam, and other countries. those countries are also concerned with china's expansion. noda's speech is seen as reinforcing that policy. >> so what's the future of relations between japan and china and between japan and south korea? >> there is little hope though -- will continue. his china counterpart met in new york on tuesday on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. dealing with the issue. they said two countries should retain a broader perspective. but the chinese stood by their previous insistence that the islands are chinese territory. japanese government officials say china is expected to continue provocative activities near the islands for some time. japan is also hoping to have a foreign minister meeting with south korea in
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
doubt the islands are inherent japanese territory both historically and under international law. the prime minister noted japan controls the island, but he added both sides should stay calm as they try to resolve the situation. >> translator: i think the most important thing right now is to find a way to cool things down using dialogue through various channels. >> noda says he has no plans to take the senkaku matter to the international court of justice. that's what his government is trying to do with the territorial dispute it has with south korea. the arguments by the two countries have been heated, and solutions seem in short supply. despite the friction, citizens of both countries are trying to stay friends. they've put on a cross-cultural festival they've held most years since 2005. nhk world's kaho izumitani takes us there. >> reporter: crowds gathered in central tokyo over the weekend. they listened to japanese and korean pop music, and they watched performances that showed off the cultural traditions of both countries. geographically close but emotionally distant, the longsta
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
challenge and to arrive at a durable resolution, we must rely on the rule of law and not the force of arms. we must rely on the body of rules that state the dispute must be resolved peacefully. >> vietnam's deputy minister of foreign affairs resisted china's demands that the disputes be resolved through bilateral negotiations. he called on asean countries to work together. >> we should recognize the increasingly important role of negotiations. asean continues to play a central role in the regional architecture and promotes peace, stability, and security in the region including the south china sea. >> an important asean meeting in july broke up without a joint communique. the group failed to agree on how some member nations should resolve their disputes with china. cambodia's position was apparently influenced by its close economic relationship with china. >>> the world bank says 200 million people around the globe are without jobs due in part to the impact of europe's debt crisis. 40% of them are age 24 or younger. bank officials have released the 2013 world development report. they s
Sep 27, 2012 2:30pm PDT
become law on october 8. ratification was delayed because of a challenge before the constitutional court, but in its ruling, the court did uphold the fund, but it placed limits on germany's contributions. it also strengthened the right of parliament to receive controversial information on the esm. other eurozone countries have accepted these conditions as well. >> in germany, the job market has been weathering the eurozone crisis relatively well. new numbers show that unemployment dropped in september, down to almost 6.5%. the head of the german employment agency warns that the pace of job creation is slowing. >> let's turn our attention to the day's market action. european shares rebounded thursday, following a steep sell-off during the trading session on wednesday. our correspondence sent us this summary from frankfurt. >> the german labor market stays in very good shape. this is a good sign, one of the few positive signs in this euro debt crisis. today, investors focused more on italy and rome -- focused more on italy, where rome gave out new bonds. yields went down significantly, and
Sep 24, 2012 5:30pm PDT
of territorial issues based on international laws. japan is also engaged in a dispute over the islands in the sea of japan. taiwan also claims the senkaku islands. a fleet of taiwanese fishing boats is headed for the east china sea to back up that claim. more than 70 vessels from a fishing cooperative set sail monday afternoon. asserting taiwan's claim to the islands and demanding their fishing rights be protected. the cooperative is suggesting the -- it says the water surrounding the islands are a major taiwanese fishing ground. the fleet hopes to enter japanese territory waters on tuesday. more than ten taiwanese coast guard vessels will accompany the boats. >>> stories of tragedy and loss in the middle east touched the hearts of people around the world. one in the palestinian territory seven years ago touched a japanese doctor so much he wrote a book about it. nakata read an article about the death of a boy. then he sat down and wrote amed's relay of life. >> reporter: ahmed lives with his family in the palestinian territories. one day he sets out on an errand wearing his be
Oct 1, 2012 9:30am PDT
gasoline. in the us and germany, there are even laws in place requiring refiners to blend renewable fuels into the gas supply. the aim is to ease global dependency on oil and protect the environment. increasingly, farmers are therefore growing crops for fuel rather than food -- because it's more lucrative. this development is particularly acute in the us. almost 40% of the corn harvest is used for fuel. 37% becomes animal feed. that leaves just 11% for food, while 13% is exported. the german world hunger organization is alarmed. >> obviously demand for biofuel -- which has political support -- is one of the main causes of the shortage of agricultural goods. more than 8% of the world grain production is used to make bio ethanol. it puts the agricultural sector under enormous pressure and leads to price hikes. >> poor countries are especially hard hit. because they lack their own resources, they are forced to import grain. but prices are increasingly prohibitive. >> for people living off the equivalent of one euro a day and spending 50 to 60 cents on food staples, the inevitable resul
Sep 26, 2012 2:00pm PDT
resolving disputes based on international law. he also criticized south korea for rejecting a proposal to bring the dispute to the international court of justice. he said countries should pay more attention to the function of the international court. >>> hundreds of chinese have protested in front of the u.n. headquarters in new york against japan's nationalization of the senkaku islands. the protests were staged on tuesday ahead of prime minister noda's speech to the general assembly. >> we want to get -- to all the leaders in the united states, let them know is belonged to china. >> the demonstrators waved chinese flags and sign boards demanding that japan leave the islands. >>> two car bombs have exploded near the syrian army by se battles between rebel fighters and government forces in the downtown area. an anti-government activist told nhk the explosions hit the third and fourth floors of the building. four people died.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)